LDS Romances Review

LDS Romances (5 out of 5)

LDS Romances is the best LDS singles dating site I have participated in so far. I tried many different LDS dating sites and chats before, but this one was the winner. On this site I’ve reviewed all of the sites I tried but the one I would always choose first and foremost is LDS Romances.

LDS Romances Review – Why I Was Hesitant

LDS Romances Review – Click Here To Join

I always thought that this kind of site was something for those who just couldn’t get a date on their own and I viewed this entire [...]

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Christian Mingle Review

Christian Mingle (4.5 out of 5) is one of the most established online dating sites for Christian in the world, being in operation since 1996. The fact that it’s still around today is proof of how good it is! When I joined it I had absolutely no hesitation about it because of its excellent track record and morallu uplifting appeal. The focus among members of the site is much more focused on who people are and what they believe, and not just based on physical appearance.

Christian Mingle Review – Why I Joined

Christian Mingle Review – Click Here To Join

Christian [...]

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Unique LDS Dating Ideas

By Anne Clarke

Ok, so everyone thinks that the asking out is the hard part. Yeah, it can be scary and rejection is tough, but what happens after the girl you’ve been eyeing across the living room during your YSA FHE says “yes” when you finally build up the courage to ask her out. What now? You need a game plan, but you don’t want to do the standard LDS date of a movie (preferably of a G rating), punch and cookies, and then the super spiritual discussion that always [...]

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Latter-day Saint Singles

Latter Day Saints (Mormons) take an extreme interest in the choices their young people make in regards to dating.  Most people will take that as a good thing.  Latter-day Saints place a lot of importance on building solid family relationships, so the members choices in regards to marriage and children play vital roles regarding the religious life the young couple will have.

Latter-day Saints (including singles) are encouraged to spend Monday nights together in activities known as “Family Home Evening” or “Family Night” which is to be a night of spiritual instruction, fun, and family bonding.  The kids in [...]

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Three Ideas For Mormon Dating

Are you ‘fresh out’ of ideas on what to do for a date with or as a Latter-day Saint?

I know what it’s like trying to plan a fun LDS date.  Let’s be honest, it requires a little more creativity than non-religious folks who are content to go hang out at the bars buying alcoholic beverages for one another.  Here’s a list of the three very fun dates I have been on with other members of the church.

An afternoon at the zoo – Although some may consider it childish, a visit to the zoo is a great environment for a [...]

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